Browser Automation Studio Tutorial: Lesson #2 Solving Recaptcha

Solving reCAPTCHA

If you come across a reCAPTCHA, you can set BAS to prompt the user to solve it manually. Alternatively, you can send them off to a service like 2captcha.

Firstly, highlight the checkbox with the element selector then left click


Scroll down the options or type captcha into the search

Click on “solve recaptcha 2.0”

If you want the user to solve the captcha themselves, select “manual”

If you want to use a captcha solving service, pick the appropriate option from the list. I recommend 2captcha.

So I would personally choose 2captcha-newapi

If using a captcha solving service, they usually provide login details or an API. Make sure to paste the API key into the box.

If you click on the Advanced settings box, you can adjust how many times it will attempt to solve a captcha before failing. By default, I think it’s set to 10.

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