I’m never really sure what to write in these things, so I’ll keep this brief!

Daveblueprints.com will be primarily devoted to step-by-step tutorials, how-to guides, reviews and case-studies detailing the results of SEO experiments.

I’m aiming to achieve several main things from this site:

  1. Advice or suggestions from others on how I can improve experiments / results.
  2. To document my own results in a concise objective way, to remove much of the “guesswork”.
  3. To trial, review and provide results from products & services tested.
  4. To build a community of like-minded people that share ideas, so we can help each other reach our own goals.


  • I will always put objectivity and truth above profits. Many make similar claims, but I walk the walk and will never recommend something I don’t personally believe in or have shown empirically to work as advertised.
  • I will monetise this blog with affiliate links and other offers to fund research, but never at the expense of integrity. If a product or service is shown to be trash, then that’s what I put on this blog.
  • I will never manipulate numbers to make something seem better than it really is, or flat out make things up like some of the “gurus” out there. Having said that, sometimes products / services start out great but become unsupported or ineffectual. I would urge any readers to point this out before shouting hypocrisy, and I will re-evaluate / remove anything if that turns out to be the case.
  • No user will be moderated for having an opposing opinion. I welcome any constructive criticism and helpful advice. I won’t tolerate excessively abusive trolls, but funny trolls are fine so long as you contribute something useful every now and then.

If you have any questions or want to contact me about anything, you can find contact info here.

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